A dark look at the obsessive way we will do anything to stay popular on social media. Ellie looks at Polly's life through an Instagram filter and decides she wants a piece of it, so she sets out to try and copy Polly's look and style. This attracts the lustful intentions of Izzy, much to the annoyance of Polly, who then sets out to Ellie before she can take any more attention away from her.
A fan film set within the Mass Effect universe, in which Commander Shepard becomes marooned on a planet with a dangerous enemy.
Aria is a young ballerina with dreams of one day being as elegant and beautiful as Venus, an older girl at her dance school to whom she adores. Aria's confidence is challenged though by the resident bully Eris and her troop.
In order to understand and overcome her struggles, Aria envisions the conflicts the best way she can; as a dance.
A psychological horror short where a girl tries to find her brother while reality fractures apart.
An experimental short combining narration and photography to discuss our lustful desires.
A drama short about the various reactions models face from friends, family and strangers.
Award-nominated comedy web series about rock music fans and their personal lives.
Nominated for Best International Comedy at the Miami Web Fest 2016.
A short film that looks at how victims of sexual assault are blamed for their attack.
Playthrough video of Tiberius' guitarists performing their song 'Counting Sheep'.
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